Patti’s Bio

DSC_0360Patti Penn was born and raised in a working class family from Glasgow, Scotland. From an early age her curious family opened an ancient door to Celtic mystics, holistic healers and martial art teachers. Little did she know that being handed “The Way of Zen” at 14 by her marital arts Sensei would influence her Reiki practice twenty years later. Patti CALLING is to bring forth JOY to balance the books of all the investment in the pain and suffering over centuries using techniques that raise the consciousness and activate courage.

With the assistance of her divine guide, O, Patti has brought forth four Guide books using the attunement methods of Reiki to take students on a spiritual journey from untangling their energy from others, knowing themselves as pure consciousness to imagineering the dream of what they desire their life to be and having the courage to step into that energy.  Patti Penn is the Reiki Master’s Reiki Master who developed a UNIQUE PROGRAM fusing consciousness principles,  Reiki and unleashing the hero within. The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui’s original teaching of were to achieve your own personal perfection,” just as the great writer Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss” and these books are a practical principles on to make living your dream life a reality.

As the founder of Pause in Joy in the heart of Los Angeles, Patti delivers powerful workshops dedicated to transformation as well as one-to-one sessions in Reiki, EFT, Meditation and Yoga. As one of Los Angeles’s leading advocates of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Patti is the person your subconscious seeks out when you are truly ready to “let it go,” and discover your own personal empowerment. Clients often marvel at the ease in which they release fears, limitations, blockages, pain and other debilitating behavior. With relief they ask “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”. As one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets Patti works with the creative community to activate their potential and move into a place of no limits to bring consciousness to the storytellers . Her highly developed skill in energy work to bridge the physical and nonphysical – conveyed in the down-to-earth manner only a Glaswegian could get away with – brings healing and insight into people’s lives in a tangible way. Indeed, Patti’s sense of humor and practical vocabulary are as much to thank for her popularity with industry insiders as are her considerable gifts as a healer.

Patti is eternally grateful to Gurmukh Khalsa the founder of Golden Bridge Yoga for her personal endorsement when Patti was fairly new to Los Angeles. The “Queen of Kundalini” grilled Patti before endorsing her to attune the pregnant women of Los Angeles to Reiki and she admires her presence in her life and guidance at that time. Patti has since opened her own Healing Arts center fusing healing and the arts to life a life worth living and stop manifesting illness through disconnection from our own Source. As a cosmic force of nature Patti intends to increase the positivity, JOY and creativity of all people by dedicating her life to being  the “joy bringer” of her time.

“First you must accept where you are at and then imagine where you want to go.” – Patti Penn